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I usually don't commit unnecessary files, such as .user and .suo files, to the repository. I'm unsure about whether .testsettings and .vsdmi files are regenerated by Visual Studio if absent.

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Yes, you should commit those files as they contain Visual Studio unit testing and code coverage settings for the project.

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I found a contrary opinion while researching this. To be honest I'm a bit torn as the fellow in the link makes a good bit of sense.

EDIT: Alternative source as the first one seems to be dead.

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I tested here and I found out that while those files aren't regenerated while running tests, they aren't missed.

The only error I ran into with their absention was that when I try to open them it shows an error message box.

I think I will commit them to source control from now on.

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They contain test execution settings, test lists etc. As such, they are an integral part of your project, just like e.g. App.config.


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