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In response to some asynchronous event on the server, I want to update the class of an HTML node in order to reflect its updated status. I know the id of the node, and the class I want to change it to. What JsCmd do I need to use to update the class? In general, where can I find a good reference on the JsCmd's and what they do?

A simple example:

case class UpdateClass(id: String, htmlClass: String)

class ClassUpdater extends CometActor {
  override def lowPriority: scala.PartialFunction[scala.Any, scala.Unit] = {
    case UpdateClass(id, htmlClass) =>
      partialUpdate(Noop /* now what? */)

  def render = NodeSeq.Empty

So if I had the HTML:

<lift:comet type="ClassUpdater"/>
<div id="foo" class="bar">insert text here</div>

If I sent the message UpdateClass("foo", "baz") to my ClassUpdater, I want the class of my div to change to baz.

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Edit: I’ve found a better way to do it. The old code is now more of a blueprint for more complicated stuff.

Looks like there is a more straightforward way of doing it without jQuery:

SetElemById("foo", JE.Str("baz"), "className")

which translates to a JavaScript call

document.getElementById("foo").className = "baz";

Note that JE.Str("baz") can be any JsExp and if you could also do something like

SetElemById("foo", JE.Str("baz"), "firstChild", "className")

which would change the class of the first child. (See: SetElemById)

You can have a look at the code for the JsCMD trait for what else is possible with build-in commands.

In case you want to something more complicated, however, something like this might help you. It sends a jQuery command which will change the class in #oldId to newClass.

  case class ChangeClassAtId(oldId: String, newClass: String) extends JsCmd {
    def toJsCmd = """try {
      $(""" + ("#" + oldId).encJs + """).attr("class", """ + newClass.encJs + """);
    } catch (e) {}"""

Changing all occurrences of a class everywhere is a bit more complicated:

case class ChangeClass(oldClass: String, newClass: String) extends JsCmd {
    def toJsCmd = """try {
      $(""" + ("." + oldClass).encJs + """).each(function(){
          $(this).addClass(""" + newClass.encJs + """).removeClass(""" + oldClass.encJs + """);
    } catch (e) {}"""

You should use it instead of Noop of course.

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EDIT - I misread the question. My answer merely updates the contents of the div.

Check out: http://github.com/lift/lift/blob/master/examples/example/src/main/scala/net/liftweb/example/comet/Clock.scala

You'll want something like this:

case UpdateClass(id, htmlClass) => partialUpdate(SetHtml(id, Text("TEXT TO SHOVE INTO DIV")))

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But that only changes the content of an id. –  Debilski Nov 1 '10 at 17:21
Oh, right. Yes, I misread the question. Sorry about that. –  tylerweir Nov 1 '10 at 18:17

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