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I know of GNU Smalltalk's Syntax that puts the method body surounded by square-brackets after the selector like so:

add: anObject [ self tally add: anObject. ]

Are there other file based approaches?

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There is the chunk file format which is what GNU Smalltalk (GST) used to use, and which most other Smalltalks support as File In/Out format. The contents of the Squeak sources and changes files are in this format.

Additionally there is the Smalltalk Interchange Format (SIF) which is specified by the ANSI Smalltalk standard, which is similar to the chunk format but incorporates some additional metadata and structure. I know that there is a reader for SIF in GST, but I'm not sure if VisualWorks or Squeak have readers for this format.

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There's the changeset (or fileOut) format (off a random changeset on my machine):

'From Squeak4.1alpha of 3 April 2010 [latest update: #9883] on 5 April 2010 at 11:41:27 am'!

!Browser methodsFor: 'initialize-release' stamp: 'fbs 4/5/2010 11:38'!
classListFrame: bottomFraction
        classListFrame: bottomFraction
        fromTop: 0
        fromLeft: 0.25
        width: 0.25.! !
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The Resilient programming language differs from Smalltalk in the following ways ... We introduce a full syntax for classes to allow programmers to use standard tools for program manipulation and source control management.

p5 Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of the Resilient Smalltalk Embedded Platform pdf

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Resilient Smalltalk uses apparently the same syntax that SOM uses (both coming from Århus). See for details on SOM. – smarr Jul 20 '12 at 23:15

In addition to the mentioned syntaxes there are the following, I am aware of:

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GemStone/S filein sytax is described in the Topaz Maual section 1.13

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I should also mention the Cypress package format which is currently shared by 6 different Smalltalk dialects:

  • Amber (Cypress)
  • Cuis (Cypress)
  • GemStone (FileTree)
  • Pharo (FileTree)
  • Squeak (FileTree)
  • VW (STIG)

The Cypress package format should be relatively easy to port to additional dialects....

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