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I am trying to decrypt a hashed string using

Security::cipher($strHashedPassword, Configure::read('Security.salt'));

doesn't seem to be giving the desired result. Does anyone have any experience with this? From the docs it looks like this should work.

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Please note that you cannot decrypt a hashed string. Hashes are irreversible by definition. They can't be decrypted because they're not encrypted to begin with, they're hashed. If you're really trying to decrypt a password hash (as produced by the AuthComponent?) you're out of luck.

Security::cipher can only decrypt strings that it encrypted as well, in which case you'd be talking about a cipher text, not a hash.

If you can demonstrate that this doesn't print "test":

$cipherText = Security::cipher('test', Configure::read('Security.salt'));
echo Security::cipher($cipherText, Configure::read('Security.salt'));

you have found a bug in Cake, most likely the one linked to by @infinity. Otherwise, you're trying something impossible.

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but for me the below code is working... , $c = Security::cipher('testing hash', Configure::read('Security.salt')); $cc = Security::cipher($c, Configure::read('Security.salt')); echo $cc; –  Vivek S Jan 22 at 11:39
@Vivek Exactly, as expected. Maybe you have misunderstood what I wrote. –  deceze Jan 22 at 12:17
@-deceze . really confused. –  Vivek S Jan 22 at 12:44
@Vivek The question is about decrypting hashes using Security::cipher. The answer is that this is impossible and that Security::cipher only works the way you and I are showing. –  deceze Jan 22 at 12:46

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