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I've got a Visual Studio 2010 solution with only a website in it. It contains lots of Javascript files which I would like to minimize automatically when doing a build. There's one good solution but it dpeends on the post-build step of .NET projects and a website does not have any build events.

One alternative is of course to run something on the commandline manually whenever doing a build. Is there any other way to integrate it into VS build process except the post-build step?

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Is it a Asp.Net web application? When you say minimize do you mean compress? –  Bronumski Nov 1 '10 at 18:08
Compression is done via IIS. I'd like to minimize the .js with jsmin before doing the compression. –  newtogit Nov 2 '10 at 15:36

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from my experience, its not possible, its just not a feature for websites, which are ment to be almost an xcopy deployment. if someone does know a way then please let us all know.

its a good idea to have a 1-click batch/powershell deployment script for these sort of projects, and well, all projects really. you can add the script to your VS IDE either via a macro, or Tools->External Tools... the inbuilt publish mechanism is fairly limited, doesn't even support SCP, so the script solution ends up as the work around again.

if you can, convert it to a web application, its a much better experience imo.

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You can perform post build events on web projects if you install the VS 2010 Web Deployment Projects extension/power tool.

For how to add in to your solution, see this blog post.

You can uncomment the <Target Name="AfterBuild"> tag (as an example) inside the .wdproj file.

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