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  SELECT SUM(ProductCost) 
    FROM `tblBasket` 
GROUP BY ProductCode
  HAVING BasketSessionID = '3429782d79c68834ea698bb4116eef5e'

Showing Error Like:

1054 - Unknown column 'BasketSessionID' in 'having clause'

What is the mistake in my query?

alt text

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Try using a where clause in place of the having clause:

SELECT SUM(ProductCost) 
FROM `tblBasket` 
WHERE BasketSessionID ='3429782d79c68834ea698bb4116eef5e'
GROUP BY ProductCode
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FYI - you would use the HAVING clause if you only wanted products where the SUM of the cost is greater than (or some other comparison): SELECT productID, Sum(ProductCost) FROM tblBasket GROUP BY productID HAVING SUM(ProductCost) > 10 will show all the products where the cost is greater than 10. You can't do that in a WHERE clause. – Leslie Nov 1 '10 at 20:54

I think you want to use a where clause not having.

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HAVING filters out aggregates. You should try GROUP BY.

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