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I recently converted a bunch of tables PK's from int to uniqueidentifier. Now in my code I am replacing certain checks like so:

if (planDiagnosisID != 0)


if (planDiagnosisID != Guid.Empty)

Where planDiagnosisID is an int in the first one and a Guid in the second.

Is this accurate?

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Yes, it is. I don't believe UniqueIdentifier will ever generate the zero-GUID, as the zero value is generally reserved for a special key value. –  Steve Guidi Nov 1 '10 at 17:39

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Yes that is correct. Guid.Empty is the default value for Guid. It is a value type, so it can't be null.

Or in code

default(Guid) == Guid.Empty

Just as

default(int) == 0
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