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I would like to figure out how to save a bitmap or vector graphics image after creating a drawing with python's turtle module. After a bit of googling I can't find an easy answer. I did find a module called canvas2svg, but I'm very new to python and I don't know how to install the module. Is there some built in way to save images of the turtle canvas? If not where do I put custom modules for python on an Ubuntu machine?

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In the event you want to transparently save an image at the end of the program's execution (semi-useful for assisting with grading student assignments that terminate), please check out: – bboe Jan 16 '14 at 19:10
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from Tkinter import *
from turtle import *
import turtle

ts = turtle.getscreen()


This will help you; I had the same problem, I Googled it, but solved it by reading the source of the turtle module.

The canvas (tkinter) object has the postscript function; you can use it.

The turtle module has "getscreen" which gives you the "turtle screen" which gives you the Tiknter canvas in which the turtle is drawing.

This will save you in encapsulated PostScript format, so you can use it in GIMP for sure but there are other viewers too. Or, you can Google how to make a .gif from this.

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