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I'm pretty used to git by now, and I'm about to start contributing to a project that uses Monotone (mtn). I could just use the export system to convert to git locally, but I figured

  • learning another DVCS wouldn't be too hard
  • learning is Good For MeTM
  • it'd be easier to coordinate with other devs if we were all using the same DVCS

Is there a guide or tutorial for mtn aimed at experienced git users? Or can anyone here give me the 25¢ tour?

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I can give you a small tour if you're still interested. Sorry if I noticed this message so late; I'll be watching this tag using RSS now. ;) –  lapo Feb 3 '11 at 16:54

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Monotone being one of the rare DVCS that pre-date git, I'm afraid it is going to be hard to find something better tailored to git users than the tutorial.

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