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Given the following Xml:

<Animals xmlns="http://www.company.com/Global/US">
                <Breed>Ally Cat</Breed>
                <Name>Dog</Name>    <-- I know this
                <R>190</R>    <- I need the value of this

How can I get the integer value for the R node of Color given that I know the Name is "Dog"?

The following does not work for me.

var xmlDoc = new XmlDocument(xml);
var nsm = new XmlNamespaceManager(_xmlDoc.NameTable);
nsm.AddNamespace("ns", "http://www.company.com/Global/US");
var typeNode = xmlDoc.SelectSingleNode("/ns:Animals/ns:Mammals/ns:Animal/ns:Type/ns:Name[. = 'Dog']", nsm);
var r_val = typeNode.ParentNode.ParentNode.SelectSingleNode("/ns:Color/ns:R", nsm).InnerText;

typeNode in this code gives me the correct node, but then traversing to the grandparent node and selecting within that gives me null and therefore InnerText blows up.

Is there a better XPath expression I can use to get this?

This needs to be in c# 2.0 so unfortunately Linq and XDocument is not able to be supported.


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Try this (with ns prefix bound to http://www.company.com/Global/US namespace URI):

/ns:Animals/ns:Mammals/ns:Animal[ns:Type/ns:Name = 'Dog']/ns:Color/ns:R
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+1 Good answer without starting //... – user357812 Nov 1 '10 at 18:59
Had to add the namespace in there like this, /ns:Animals/ns:Mammals/ns:Animal[ns:Type/ns:Name = 'Dog']/ns:Color/ns:R, but it worked. Many thanks! – Chris Conway Nov 1 '10 at 19:14

I know nothing of C#, but this xpath expression should get you the correct node

//Animal[Type/Name = 'Dog']/Color/R
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