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Which ARM architectures have Out-Of-Order-Execution?

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It is not a matter of architecture but of implementation.

In ARM terminology, the architecture is the description of the accepted opcodes and behavior. For instance, the ARMv4T architecture mandates support for the old ARM opcodes, and the Thumb opcodes. Any implementation of a given architecture is free to support the architecture in any way that it sees fit. This may or may not include out-of-order execution. According to Wikipedia, the Cortex-A9 uses out-of-order execution, whereas the Cortex-A8 does not; however, both implement the same ARM architecture (ARMv7-A).

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thank you very nice –  vogelmeister Nov 1 '10 at 19:27

ARM has also said the Cortex-A15 implementation uses out-of-order execution.

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