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i have built an interface for dragging images into a "save area" and i dont know how to access the actual html markup- such as the img src tag?

i have this

           drop: function(ev,ui) {
                 //do magic
            out: function(event, ui){

what do i use to access the image src?

<img border="0" src="http://bla.png" class="draggable ui-draggable" style="position: relative;">

i have a few hundred images.. what should i do so that when they are dropped i can get access to the src?

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Working demo

In the drop function, you access the object with "ui.draggable":

For example:

            accept: "#gallery > li",
            activeClass: "ui-state-highlight",
            drop: function( event, ui ) {
                processImage( ui.draggable );

It passes a Jquery object to the "processImage" function. There you can access the properties of the image in two ways:

1.-As a Jquery object: $item.attr("src")

2.-Or as the DOM element: $item.get(0).src

 function processImage($item)

Of course, you can get rid of "processImage" function, and access directly to the object as:



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You can access it with the ui parameter.

drop: function (ev, ui) {
    var image_source = ui.helper.attr('src');
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