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I accidentally locally deleted a directory in a CVS repository, which I'm also managing with mercurial locally. I can hg revert the directory, but I've got hg set up to ignore the CVS directories, so there's no CVS directory. CVS is freaking out every time I try to do a commit (it's a trivial directory that was removed), unless I specifically target the files to be committed.

I've tried CVS update and that's not getting it done. Can anyone make a suggestion?

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cvs update -d

The -d flag tells CVS to look for new directories. By default it will not automatically pick up new directories during updates just in case you intentionally omitted particular sub-trees of your repository during checkout.

Personally I always want the -d option to be used so I added this option (and a few others) to my ~/.cvsrc configuration:

cvs -q
checkout -P
update -d -P
diff -u
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I LOVE STACKOVERFLOW. BEST. WEBSITE. EVAR!!! This worked PERFECTLY! Uprated and approved (when it lets me ;)) –  Collin Klopfenstein Nov 1 '10 at 19:56
+1, clearly a better method :) –  Justin Ethier Nov 2 '10 at 1:44

You could try using cvs checkout to check the directory out again. Just go to the root of your repository and use the command to only check out that specific directory.

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