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(define *graph* (read (open-input-file "test.sxml")))

(define get
  (lambda (l)
    (cond ((null? l) '())
          ((equal? 'opm:artifacts (car l))  l)
          (else (get (cdr l))))))

(get *graph*)

I have this recursive function that goes through the list and returns the rest of a list that starts with "opm:artifacts".

It works on other lists. For example, it works for the list (1 2 3 4); when I call the function, (get 2) returns (2 3 4).

test.sxml is a list. I checked it with list?.

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Please check your facts. Your presentation is inconsistent. (get 2) certainly will not work with the definition you show. – Svante Nov 1 '10 at 20:55
(define (get l)
  (match l
    [(? null?) '()]
    [(list 'opm:artifacts _ ...) l]
    [(list _ rs ...) (get rs)]))
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Where are you getting match? – erjiang Nov 2 '10 at 16:52
That doesn't actually look any different, except you are defining it with pattern matching. – Theo Belaire Nov 7 '10 at 16:15
(define (get mat ls*)
  (define (get* ls)
    (cond ((null? ls) '())
          ((and (list? (car ls)) (not (null? (car ls))))  
           (if (equal? mat (caar ls)) 
               (car ls)
               (let ((sub-result (get* (car ls))))
                 (if (null? sub-result)
                     (get* (cdr ls))

          (else (get* (cdr ls)))))
  (let ((result (get* ls*)))
    (if (null? result)
        (cdr result))))

(get 'b '(a (b c d) e)) ;-> '(c d)
(get 'b '((a (b c d) e))) ;-> '(c d)
(get '() '( 4 6 () (2 ()) (() () ()))) ;-> '(() ())

I've also generalized it so you can hand in what you want it to match against.

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thanks very much Tyr!!! :) – pantelis Nov 8 '10 at 13:17
Go ahead and accept it then, so the question gets closed – Theo Belaire Nov 8 '10 at 22:11

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