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I’ve created a file index of all of my ColdFusion files so I can quickly search the files and find what I’m looking for. So far, it’s working great except it doesn’t seem to be searching inside any ColdFusion tags.

For example…

<p>If I searched for this text, It would return a result</p>
<cfset variables.foo = "however, If I search for this text it wouldn’t return any results." />

Does anyone know if there’s a way to search inside of a ColdFusion tag like that?

This is my index..

   collection = "fileIndex"
   extensions=".cfm, .cfml, .cfc"

This is my search…

  name = "testSearch"
  collection = "fileIndex"
  criteria = "variables.foo"

Any ideas?

Thanks, Paul : )

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It looks like the type="internet" may be your issue. Try removing the "type" attribute and see what you get.

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Use a query that does get the record and look at the "summary" field of your result. I suspect the markup is being stripped.

On ColdFusion 9, with solr it doesn't index the markup, however Verity does. A workaround you could use a combination of cffile/cfdirectory to read each file one by one and feed it into the collection. This will preserve the markup and make it searchable.

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The summary includes the markup. I think it may be the cfsearch tag that's the issue. I've considered using cffile/cfdirectory however there's about 2000 files that it needs to index and it's a recursive index. I think this would be a difficult thing to do load wise. Thanks for the recommendation though. :) –  Paul Nov 2 '10 at 12:42

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