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If I make a commercial project which uses open source libraries (which are legally approved to be use in a commercial app), can the open source libraries I use, use open source libraries within them without any legal verification? E.g.

I make a word app, it uses an open source PDF library (To convert docs to PDF) which has legal approval, this open source PDF library uses a library for say, OCR, for example, but would this OCR library need legal checks etc (Regardless of its license type)?


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It's straightforward (and nothing necessarily to do with open source vs. closed source).

If you use software/libraries copyrighted by someone else, you need to check that you are in compliance with the copyright agreements of those components.

So, yes, if the OCR library (in your example) forms part of your application (i.e. you copy and distribute it), you need to check you can use/copy it (regardless of whether you use it directly or indirectly)

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Yes, you have to be allowed to use that OCR library to use it, even if a open source library needs it to work.

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I think your exposure is determined by all the libraries your app uses. You have to be concerned with the ones you choose, the ones your choices choose, ad infinitum. Your app has to conform to the strictest library in the set.

It's best to consult with a lawyer on questions like these. You're best served by one that specializes in open source software law.

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