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i've 2 android applications.

The first one "A" will be signed with 2 certificates:

  • C_1
  • C_2

"A" have broadcastreceiver with the permission setted to android:protectionLevel="signature" and it has a shared User id with a system process which has been signed with C_1.

The second Application "B" wants to use this broadcast receiver.

Now, i've the complete control on the C_2 certificate and a third party agency would sign the "A" application with the C_1 certificate. For now i'm using the android debug certificate instead of C_1

I've done some kind of tests in order to see what happens in the following scenarios:

  • If i sign "A" with C_1 and "B" with C_1 everything works
  • If i sign "A" with both (in order) C_1 and C_2 , and i sign "B" with C_2 it does not work
  • If i sign "A" with both (in order) C_2 and C_1 , and i sign "B" with C_2 it does not work
  • If i sign "A" with both ( no matter what order ) C_1 and C_2, and i sign "B" with C_1 it does work!

I think that the sharedUid things in the manifest is causing problems.

I'm working with an android 2.1-update1 device.

Any little help would be appreciate. Thanks

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What are you trying to accomplish? Nervermind that you can't get two certificates to work, what are you trying to do... share data across apps? –  Lucas B Nov 1 '10 at 21:18
Nope, i need the "A" application to do some things via the broadcast intent. Since "A" shares the same User ids of the com.android.phone process i want to enable this broadcastreceiver only for allowed applications. I thought the best way to achieve this was using the protectionlevel thing. –  Andrea Baccega Nov 1 '10 at 21:22
Have you looked into using ContentProvider? –  Lucas B Nov 2 '10 at 9:15
did you ever find a solution for this? –  Juan Acevedo Mar 7 '14 at 22:18

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