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Is there a way to show the SQL query executed by phpPgAdmin as the way phpMyAdmin does? For example, if I modify a column, it should show the ALTER command being executed.

If this is not possible, what other interface could I use to get this feature?

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This would be really nice, im looking for the same – Strae Apr 28 '11 at 10:04
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It's not possible with any currently released version of phpPgAdmin, although the feature could probably be added. You'd need to intercept the SQL being sent to the back-end, and then display this back out to the user. SQL execution is pretty well centralized, and if you look at the "history" feature you will see a way to trap/show queries, so munging those bits together would probably get you what you want. HTH, if someone implements this, please send a pull request!

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Please, need this feature! I came from phpMyAdmin, this phpPgAdmin is very hard to use. – happy_marmoset Jul 21 '15 at 10:43

As a quick dirty hack you could alter sources a bit to enable sql logging: In classes/database/ADODB_base.php in

function execute($sql) {

add these lines at the beginning:

global $misc;

This worked in my 5.0.3 version.

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