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I opened my NotepadCodeLab, NotepadAdv1 project, and got this as soon as I built and ran:

[2010-11-01 14:42:48 - DeviceMonitor]Sending jdwp tracking request failed!
[2010-11-01 14:42:48 - Logcat]device not found device not found

What am I missing?

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Check this out [… [1]:… Thank you. – Sameer Z. Sep 1 '11 at 12:56

Emulator or physical device? If emulator, is it already running? If it's a device, is it connected via USB?

Assuming you have the SDK installed and on your path, if you type "adb devices" into the command prompt, your device should show up. If it doesn't, follow the SDK installation instructions here:

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If you're using a real device, don't forget the USB driver. You also have to have installed into your SDK and AVD manager the correct version for your phone. If you were upgraded to v2.2, also install v2.1.

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Bizarrely, when I came back the next day (after restarting Eclipse/my computer), it worked. Should have tried that first. Thanks though :)

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