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I have written the following query.

select distinct(table3.*), 
       (select count(*) 
         from table2 
        where table2.cus_id = table3.id) as count, 
       (select sum(amount) 
         from table2 
        where table2.cus_id = table3.id) as total 
  from table2, 
 where table3.id = table2.cus_id 
   and table2.own_id = table1.own_id;

It finds the sum of a column and the number of rows that produce the sum as well as some associated data from another table. (Feel free to optimise if you think it can be improved)

I need to convert this in to SQLAlchemy but have no idea where to start. I'd appreciate any advice.

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Here's my re-write of your query:

SELECT t3.*,
 JOIN (SELECT t2.cus_id
              COUNT(*) AS count,
              SUM(t2.amount) AS total
         FROM TABLE2 t2
                       FROM TABLE1 t1
                      WHERE t1.own_id = t2.own_id)
     GROUP BY t2.cus_id) x ON x.cus_id = t3.id

Can't help you with the SQLAlchemy part, sorry.

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Great - your query is much better! Just need it converted in to SQLAlchemy - any takers? :-) –  eski009 Nov 2 '10 at 11:26

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