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We have 2 applications that run under JBoss. I am looking for a way to reduce the overhead of the server. The main app runs under Tomcat. The other app is made up of MBeans. Is there a way to run MBeans under Tomcat?

Alternative suggestions are appreciated.

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MBeans are a part of the JMX specification which is included in the JRE. It should be possible to run MBeans under Tomcat. Tomcat 5 or later provides an MBean server.

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You can use the following JVM arguments to startup Tomcat with MBean enabled (could be anything)
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You also should use the MBean server that is in tomcat - you have to find that one via:

    // find the existing MBean server (tomcat's) in lieu of
    // creating our own
    ArrayList<MBeanServer> mbservers = MBeanServerFactory

    int nservers = mbservers.size();
    if (nservers > 0) {
        // TODO: A better way to get the currently active server ?
        // For some reason, every time the webapp is reloaded there is one
        // more instance of the MBeanServer
        mbserver = (MBeanServer) mbservers.get(nservers - 1);

    if (mbserver == null) {
        mbserver = MBeanServerFactory.createMBeanServer();
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Try this Sure you have many services without usage.

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