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Here is the MIPS program i've written. But my program won't construct/draw a box. What am I doing wroing?

 button:   .struct
 xleft:    .byte    0
 ytop:     .byte    0
 size:     .byte    0
 state:    .byte    0
 label:    .space   4
 action:   .word

 box:      .struct
 ulc:      .byte
 top:      .byte
 urc:      .byte
 left:     .byte
 right:    .byte
 llc:      .byte
 bottom:   .lrc

 pressed:  .byte 201,205,184,186,174,211,196,217 #ASCII codes for program

 drawBox(box *a0,byte left,byte top, size a3);

 drawBox:  addi  $sp,$sp,-1
           sw    $a0,($sp)
           sw    $a1,4($sp)
           addi  $t0,$a3,0xf
           srl   $t9,$a3,4
           move  $$a0,$a1
           move  $a1,$a2
           syscall $xy
           lw $t7,($sp)
           syscall $print_char
           lbu $a0,box.top($t7)
           move $t1,$t8
           b     2f

 1:        syscall $print_char
           addi $t1,$t1,-1

 2:        bnez $t1,1b
           lbu $a0,box.urc($t7)
           syscall $print_char
           move $t1,$t9
           b     2f
           syscall $print_char

 99:       addi $sp,$sp,8
           jr   $ra
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What are you doing wrong? For a start, with every problem report, you should include expected and actual behaviour :-) –  paxdiablo Nov 2 '10 at 0:35

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This program is full of errors - syntax errors and otherwise. The .lrc following bottom: looks like it's a variable name from the following line that got accidentally moved up during editing. The drawBox(box *a0,...) isn't valid MIPS assembly syntax either - looks like it was intended to be a comment, but you forgot the #. The stack frame setup code (addi $sp,$sp,-1) misaligns the stack pointer and will cause the stores to fail (interestingly, the stack frame restore code following label 99: looks OK). There's other errors as well.

The whole program looks like it was copy & pasted together from several different sources with absolutely no understanding of MIPS assembly language, and the problem sounds like a homework assignment. Try your hands at a simpler program first (add a couple integers together, then write a simple loop, then write a function to print a zero-terminated string, something like that) - it's fairly obvious that you're out of your depth with this problem right now.

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I tried making these changes to my program but it still won't run. –  user484624 Nov 2 '10 at 20:23
As said, there's more problems in the source code provided (e.g. the move $$a0, $a1 which is one $ too much and the free-standing addi without any operands after the last syscall), but you still haven't explained what's actually going wrong ("it doesn't work" doesn't cut it), and neither have you precisely stated what the intended behavior is (draw a box? As ASCII art, or do you have some sort of video RAM? If so, where?). You also haven't explained what you're running the code on (the syscalls look like SPIM, but that doesn't mean much). –  Fabian Giesen Nov 3 '10 at 3:44

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