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I am having problems locating any documentation or examples for rendering video on a form using DirectX. I need to use DirectX because I will be putting overlay's on the video loaded dynamically. I will also want to perform transitions between 2 video instances.

I can not find any documentation on Google or Microsoft's site, any thing to point me in the right direction would help. Such as render the video on a 3d object as a texture, maybe... IDK?

This is for Visual Studio 2010, .net framework 4.0, using vb.net.

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DirectX 11 is not for rendering video. It is for 3D graphics, Audio and Input.

Look up DirectShow (Which MS are trying to replace) or the Media Foundation (which they are attempting to replace DShow with).

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I found a solution, and its really bizarre how easy it is. I'm using the WPF media elements. The Media Elements, provided a computer has enough resources, can be used underneath content as well as transparent over another media element. Now I'll I need is to add live video feeds to the mix and all my problems are resolved. –  Justin Nov 2 '10 at 14:09
I'll look into the Media Foundation, as it might be a better approach. –  Justin Nov 2 '10 at 14:11

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