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I'm trying to make a guitar practice website, and a critical functionality is to loop over very short mp3 files (a few seconds long), with absolutely zero gap in between. For example, it could a 4-measures-long chord progression, and I want to allow the user to loop over it seamlessly.

I tried using the HTML5 <audio> tag with the loop attribute. Google Chrome gives a small gap between the loops, but big enough to be totally unacceptable for my purpose. I haven't tested the other browsers, but I believe it won't work.

A possible workaround is to use ffmpeg to stream repetitions the same audio as an mp3. However, this costs a lot of bandwidth.

For myself I use Audacity to loop without gaps, but unfortunately Audacity doesn't have a web version.

So, do you have any ideas how I may loop over an mp3 in a browser with zero gap? I prefer non-Flash solutions, but if nothing else works I'll use Flash.

Edit: Thank you for all your suggestions. Flash turns out to work decently. I've made a toy demo at To my surprise (I use to associate Flash with resource hog and browser crashes only), Flash and ActionScript are rather well designed and easy to use. It took me only 3 hours on my first Flash project :)

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in flash AS3 you can extract sound data with computeSpectrum() and give it to your Sound object exactly when it's needed (SampleDataEvent is fired).

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Thanks! I'll also try SampleDataEvents with ByteArrays from extract(). –  netvope Nov 5 '10 at 6:31

Have a look at this page. Listening for a while using Google Chrome 7, I found Method 1 works decently, while Method 3 gives the best results, though it's a bit of a hack. Ultimately, all browsers work differently, especially since HTML5 isn't finalized yet. If possible, you should opt for a Flash version, which I would think would give you the best loop.

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Unfortunately the gap is too big. Thanks for the info though =) –  netvope Nov 5 '10 at 6:23
@netvope- Seems like you should use Flash then –  DMan Nov 5 '10 at 14:19

I am not sure how well this will work, but if you knew your loop lasted 800 milliseconds - you could have the browser call the play method every 800ms... it still wouldn't be guaranteed to be perfect though. I don't think the browser is natively capable of delivering reliable audio looping at this point.

}, 800);

Rumor has it the best way to do pull this off in the most gapless fashion to use to multiple audio tags and alternate between them.

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Or check out this utility: I used it successfully for my flash projects when music had to be looped without gaps, and 99% of the time it worked. It takes WAV as an input.
Basically it is a kind of front-end for LAME mp3 encoder, which uses such settings as to prevent the gaps appearing. It won't work on very short sound effects (less than 0.5 second I believe).
Afterward all you have to do is use:

var sound:Sound = new MySoundEffect();, 1000);

and it will loop one thousand times.

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The link provides comprehensive information on gaps in mp3 files. A must-read for the curious! –  netvope Nov 5 '10 at 6:26

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