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I am looking for a simple sample for doing schema aware XSLT transformation. My requirement are as follows: I have an input.xml that needs to be transformed to output.xml.The output.xml is generated conformant to a schema definition file (schema.xsd).

Xslt should use the schema structures defined in schema.xsd while its generating the output.xml.

Can I please have any specific example

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Its not possible. No (efficient) software has been developed to automatize the transformation.

So like any other programming, (xslt is a functional programming language) XSLT also needs art and skills :)

At the beginning of usage of XSLT I had browsed seeking such automatized tools: I had come across one tool called .. "XSLT mapper" click_here to follow the link. I never need it any more.

Please see if it can be useful for you.

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+1 for never needing the XSLT mapper any more :) –  Dimitre Novatchev Nov 2 '10 at 13:09

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