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Actually I need to convert string data (string s="76473") into int array (int[]={7,6,4,7,3}) also want to know how can I got it by 2 or 3 numbers like {76,47,03} / {764,073} thanks

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Which programming language do you need to use? – joschi Nov 2 '10 at 5:22

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Take the string, and for languages like java, c, and many other languages there is a function Integer.ParseInt(s.[0]); //in java, in c the function would be atoi Where we would treat the string like a character array and take the character at the 0th position. Then we can throw that into an array:

int[] array = new array[...];
for (int i = 0; i< s.length;i++){    
array[n] = Integer.ParseInt(s[n]);

The second part of that question, you would then take the elements of the array to create groups. Depending on how you subdividing you will get different numbers.

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