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I am using lightbox and wz_tooltip they both working individually fine. means when i use tootip for some lightbox link on the page it shows me properly and when i click on that link i can see lightbox properly but when i use tootip function for the link in the lightbox it doesn't work properly. it hides behind the lightbox. i think the problem may occur due to the z-index but i don't find any solution yet.

I want some example where custom tootip is used in lightbox link please i dont want to use jquery and title parameter of the link.



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Use a tool like Firebug or Web Inspector to see what containing element the tooltip has (i.e. the highest parent).

Set its z-index to higher than the modal.

You may need to use !important.

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thanx alex for quick reply, but z-index is applied by using js in wz_tooltip. i hard code it to 9999 and for lightbox 9000 but still it didn't work. Can u please provide me demo where Custom tooltip is used in alightbox other than jquery –  Salil Nov 2 '10 at 8:22

HI Salil,

Agian Stuck in Tooltip Try Position If your position is absolute then and then Z-index work otherwise not ok, Try Position Relative and by Setting Margin too,


Bye Mayur Mate

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thanx mayur....the problem is get solved by setting z-index=10000. –  Salil Nov 27 '10 at 12:38

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