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I have a page that allow user to upload a photo and the path of the photo would be save in db, which is something like this '~/images/1288598614_house - Copy_000002.png'.

So, i would like to check is the file exists when user retrieve the photo.

I have tried the code below:

Dim myPhoto As String = ~/images/1288598614_house - Copy_000002.png

If File.Exists(myPhoto) Then
   hfPhotoUploadPath.Value = myPhoto 
   imgPhoto.ImageUrl = hfPhotoUploadPath.Value
   imgPhoto.ImageUrl = "~/images/default.jpg"
End If

but it's not working.....

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Shouldn't ~ be replaced with a root path? –  Doggett Nov 2 '10 at 8:02

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You probably want to map that to a file path (example using C# syntax):

string localPath = Server.MapPath(myPhoto);
if(File.Exists(localPath)) {...}

however - the naked file system isn't necessarily the best option for this data - or at least, you would need to sanitize it before allowing upload of some file types. Also, you might (depending on scale) need to think about multiple servers, etc.

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you need to replace the ~ with Server.MapPath("~")

Dim rootPath As String = Server.MapPath("~")
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Correct, ~ is only applicable then used for paths displayed to the browser, not local file paths. –  David Mårtensson Nov 2 '10 at 8:03

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