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I do not manage to compile my project Windows phone 7 with a video of 80 Mb. When I start the build, a OutOfMermoryException is generated …

Xap packaging failed. Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.

What is that somebody has already had this problem? I thought that the limit of size for the XAP was 400 Mb...

Thank for your help !

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Hi Chris, A few questions come to mind. How much RAM does your system have? Have you tried compiling after rebooting and not loading other apps? Do you have a spare hard disk that you could try a clean Win7 install on to rule out any OS corruption issues or side effects from other installed software/configuration? – Mick N Nov 2 '10 at 8:44
Hi Mick, I have 4 Gb of RAM, I have tried many times to reboot my machine but there is always the compilation error. I use my machine only for the Windows Phone 7 development, so I think the problem isn't coming from other softwares... In fact with a 80 mb video everything works find but with a 200 Mb video I have the error... I haven't other launched applications. Thank you very much for your help ! – chris2a Nov 2 '10 at 9:59
Can you show the detailed output from the build/compilation attempt – Matt Lacey Nov 2 '10 at 11:41
Just a note: are you sure that including an 80 Mb video in a phone app is the right thing to do? I know I wouldn't bother installing such a large app. – Francesco De Vittori Nov 24 '10 at 8:51

Remember that a 'xap' is just a 'zip' so as long as your 80mb video is not being complied into a dll you can just compile the xap > change the file extension to zip > unzip > add in your video > zip > change file extension to xap.

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