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What is a quick way to remove conflict markers from source code?

I have just merged some changes, and now I have a lot of files in conflict.

I started to manually remove them. However, this would take too much of my time.

Is there a way git can automate this?

I just want to keep all HEAD's and discard all the rest.

<<<<<<< HEAD
>>>>>>> ffa5c899d36e779c23cff8b33f48f2ab95ef08c8
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Your question isn't really how to automatically remove the markers - that's a scary thought, since there's no guarantee that what's left will make any sense. You're asking how to keep a particular version in a merge. – Jefromi Nov 2 '10 at 14:40

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Take a look this: keep either file in merge conflicts

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This post will be useful to you:

I think what you want is: git merge otherbranch -s recursive -X ours

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It looks like you are trying to resolve the conflicts by hand, instead of git mergetool.

There are many merge tools described on StackOverflow, like:

Resolving conflicts is a pretty wide topic.

Some common practices:

  • checkout local version (restore changes)

    git reset -- filename

  • checkout remote version (override changes)

    git checkout ORIG_HEAD -- filename

See also:

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