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I am trying to build a product that shows users interactive maps and helps them navigate through a shopping mall.

For that I am thinking of building a content management system(in Flex 4) so that map creation and shops identification process can be streamlined and non-technical users can use it.

Any ideas on where to start or which APIs to use?

Regards, Raheel Imtiaz

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If it were me, I'd build a core set of 'map components' all based on (or using) degrafa classes. In fact, I just went to the site and found that someone already built a 'map builder' application here: http://www.degrafa.org/samples/rich-user-interface.html (the links for samples are under the 'sample categories' area on the right... that should get you started).

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Thanks Jeremy. I have tried opening the MapBuilder link but unfortunately the link is down. But anyways i'll give degrafa try as well. In the meantime, i would love to have new ideas as well. – Raheel Nov 4 '10 at 4:43

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