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I am developing a website which used W3C GeoLocation API to obtain users' position. I try to run the website in Android Emulator and use DDMS / geo fix to send the coordinate to the device. However the coordinate received is inaccurate. For example, (22.377127, 114.095535) will become (22.370335, 114.08523353). I try to run some Android GPS example from Internet, and the results is just the same. I can certainly say that this is not my program bug. From my observation, it seems like some rounding problem. Can anybody help? Thanks.

My Environment: Windows 7 Professional 64bit Android 2.2 with Google API (API level 8)

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Based on deviation in gps coördinates android emulator: The emulator isn't accurate enough for precise location gathering.

Once you've determined (with the emulator) that your program is operational with GPS, you'll need to load it up on devo hardware to test it in a real GPS scenario.

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And to follow up, I've recently written a program that uses GPS coordinates and I can confirm what I posted above. The emulator didn't pass through the data correctly, but it was enough to let me trust loading it on my phone and my phone sends exact locations without any problem. –  Brandon Belvin Jan 4 '11 at 6:22

try to put the longitude and latitude in 2 doubles... !

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Sorry, what do you mean by 2 doubles? I just retrieved from W3C GeoLocation API and print the coordinate to screen. –  Terris Nov 5 '10 at 15:23

I notice the same problem. I send lon, lat -83.0000, 40.000 via DDMS and the emulator app receives and -83.013833, 40.006666.

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