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My aim is to create a child processes which will execute in parallel the piece of VB.NET code say a function. I want to do it specifically using processes and not threads. Please suggest the ways to do this?

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Why? (This will help get a good answer.) –  Richard Nov 2 '10 at 10:30

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You may take a look at the Process.Start method. Obviously the piece of code you would like to be executed in a separate process should reside in this process. It cannot reside in the caller process.

Another possibility is to create a new AppDomain instead of process.

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Your best option is to use the Process class with the Start method.

Check the ProcessStartInfo class to see what you options you can use to start a process.

However, the process will be separate - you will not have control over it and it cannot be a "sub-process". If you need more control, you should reconsider using threads.

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