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I want to convert pdf to image so that install the image magic and ghost script.when i run command "convert file.pdf image.png" into terminal then work file but when i run in exec using php show me error in apache log "/var/root/Desktop/ImageMagick-6.6.4/bin/convert: Permission denied".I install php in my php file i give the perfetc path also as exec("/var/root/Desktop/ImageMagick-6.6.4/bin/convert ".getcwd().'/'."filename.pdf[2] ".getcwd().'/'.$filename).

have dream day

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Problems like this usually relates to the fact that apache is executed as a different user than the one you use to execute the command manually. You will have to change permissions or ownership of the source and destination files in a way that will allow the apache user (probably www-data) to read and write the data. (and execute convert)

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Hi, I have given the 777 permission to files,also when i excute the 'whoami' command then show me the nobody.what is means. – Sameer Z. Nov 9 '10 at 4:54
hi,I can convert the image files but not pdf to image, means error is in ghostscript,do you have any idea? I want to convert the pdf to images?I can convert using the terminal but not with exec, – Sameer Z. Nov 9 '10 at 5:20
DONE-there was problem with the plugin install on server,now works fine – Sameer Z. Nov 12 '10 at 5:05

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