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I have a simple .shtml file that I have declared a variable in it.

<!--#set var="testVar" value="12345" -->

But when I want to print the value using

<!--#echo var="testVar" -->

it says

Variable 'testVar' cannot be found

What's the problem? I'm using IIS 7.5 and I also tested in on Apache2 but it's not working either!

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This works fine for me:

<!--#set var="testVar" value="12345" -->
<!--#echo var="testVar" -->

Do you have Apache configured correctly? You may need to turn on mod_include. The following code should output the date once configured properly:

<!--#echo var="DATE_LOCAL" -->
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I think you need to reference your variable with a '$' in front of it, like so:

<!--#echo var="$testVar" -->
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<!--#echo encoding="entity" var="testVar" -->

If not then, use $testVar to make sure your Variable treated as Variable.

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