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Why is this extremely basic JavaScript array giving me a length of 13 when there are only 3 key/value pairs in it. It makes sense that it might think 13 as 0 based index and my last array has a key of 12, but I need to have any array that has a key/value pair that returns me the correct number of pairs. The keys need to be numbers.


EDIT: this is how I solved it thanks.


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you can't use strings to index an array. javascript is converting your '12' to 12 –  Geoff Nov 2 '10 at 11:29

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There is no diffrence between array['12'] and array[12] (array['12'] is not considered as associative array element). To find associative array length

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it's because the highest number you have is:

array['12'] = 'twelve';

This creates an array length of 13 (since it's 0 based). JavaScript will expand the array to allocate the number of spots it needs to satisfy your specified slots. array[0..9] is there, you just haven't placed anything in them.

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The length property of arrays returns the biggest non-negative numeric key of the object, plus one. That's just the way it's defined.

If you want to count the key-value pairs, you're going to have to count them yourself (either by keeping track of them as they are added and removed, or by iterating through them).

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Or, rearrange your array like this:

var array = [];


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