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In my unmanaged C++ source i have:

#include <cmath>

and then I use M_PI a couple of times. Compiling in Debug configuration works flawlessly but in Release it gives:

error C2065: 'M_PI' : undeclared identifier

What could be the configuration property causing this?

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I had put



#include "stdafx.h"

With Precompiled Headers on (/Yu), as it's in Release mode, everything above it is ignored.

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gotta love precompiled headers... – jalf Nov 2 '10 at 13:13

The following code compiles just fine in both debug and release for me:

#include <cmath>

int main(void)
    double x = M_PI;
    return 0;

Your issue may lay elsewhere in your code. Do you have conditional compilation anywhere for debug or release modes?

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Watch out for differences in the configurations Debug and release:

Most important:

  • include Files
  • defines
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