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My objective is this : creating a rolling text that does not cross borders of a rectangle inside the canvas. Some text should appear partially. Yet i have not found a way to obtain this.

The only thing i can think is of some setting of the canvas like rotate, and translate that show the drawings only in the limited area, as long as i don't reset the state of the canvas.

I uploaded an example of what the behaviour should be where the text is rolling from right to left (note the 'g' is cut as desired) :

!!! Sorry , the admin don't let me to upload images yet , see this at

Another solution could be to print text over a brand new Image and slice it when drawing ?

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You want to use clipping on the canvas. MDC has an example.

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Good, that was what i was looking for. Thanks:))))) – mizar Nov 2 '10 at 14:22

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