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I want to implement in my linux c++ application, inotify with signal. I want my application to retrive an event when there is a change in a file. (without polling)

from inotify man page:

Since Linux 2.6.25, signal-driven I/O notification is available for inotify file descriptors; see the discussion of F_SETFL (for setting the O_ASYNC flag), F_SETOWN, and F_SETSIG in fcntl(2). The siginfo_t structure (described in sigaction(2)) that is passed to the signal handler has the following fields set: si_fd is set to the inotify file descriptor number; si_signo is set to the signal number; si_code is set to POLL_IN; and POLLIN is set in si_band.

I didn't understand how to do it, can you please send me a sample?


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Do you really need the signal approach? The most common way to use inotify is to select or poll the file descriptor. If you have a long running application you are likely to call these functions anyway and all you need to do is pass them the additional inotify file descriptor.

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