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I am trying to use Bluetooth Chat example to connect to an embedded device. I do not have much information of the device bluetooth architecture. I am able to discover that device but while connecting it gives an error as Unable to connect. I am not able to pair with the device if I try pairing from within the Bluetooth Chat example.

The pairing was successful when I tried pairing from Bluetooth settings. The icon that is shown next to the Bluetooth device name in Bluetooth Settings is of "Headset". So, I guess the device falls in that category. I have tried with different UUID i.e. UUID used in Bluetooth chat example, SPP profile UUID, but still no success.

The error that I get is stopDiscoveryNative: D-Bus error in StopDiscovery: org.bluez.Error.Failed (Invalid discovery session).

It will be of great help if someone can point me to right direction.

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The solution given here may be of use.

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Reflection does work but do not understand the reason behind it. Thanks anyways –  sunil Nov 9 '10 at 8:43

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