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When working with breakpoints in Eclipse I sometimes notice that they have different annotations (markers on left sidebar). Sometimes it's just a blue ball, sometimes it has a checkmark on it and sometimes it is crossed. What do all these annotations mean?

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  • blue ball: regular breakpoint, active (possibly with a hit count set)
  • empty ball (i.e. white): breakpoint has been disabled (remove checkmark in the breakpoint view, or disable in context menu)
  • diagonal line through breakpoint: all breakpoints have been disabled (button skip all breakpoints in breakpoint view)
  • question mark next to breakpoint: a condition is active for this breakpoint (look under properties of the breakpoint)
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I had trouble finding the breakpoint view - as of Juno Window->Show View->Other->Debug->Breakpoints –  morty346 Mar 15 '13 at 0:32
Thanks I couldn't figure out why all the breakpoints where deactivated, thanks to you I found the skip all button :) –  Janusz Aug 28 '13 at 8:12

The tick means that the breakpoint has been successfully set. I think it may only appear when you're doing remote debugging; when you add a breakpoint, it starts out as a plain ball, but once the JPDA agent in the remote system has been told about it, and has confirmed it's set, then it gets a tick.

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