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Here is my code

$('#new_post').bind('ajax:success', function() {
    $('.posts').append("<%=escape_javascript(render :partial=>'post', :loca\

which results in a bizarre output, the page simply append <%=escape_javascript(render :partial=>'post', :locals=>{:post=>Post.new})%> to my list.

Does anyone know how this could happen? Thanks!

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I solved the problem eventually, thanks!

Actually I used that approach first, but it didn't work.

So it turns out I used

format.js { render :nothing => true }  

in my controller, which will probably prevent javascript from rendering anything.

Besides, instead of using

<%= div_for post do %>

I used


format for my single post and I guess that's part of reason why my javascript doesn't work

now my create.js.erb only renders

$('#posts').append("<%= escape_javascript(render(@post)) %>");

and it works.

Thank you guys, I am new to this community (also rails/javascript) but I have learned a lot already.

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If this is a partial or a view, make sure it is named with the extension .js.erb or you may not get the proper ERB interpolation happening.

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You mean 'post' (post.js.erb)? I put the code above in application.js, it works for my 'delete', so I assume the same approach should work for 'create'. –  JayX Nov 2 '10 at 16:46
If you have ERB in your JavaScript, you cannot put it in public/application.js since this is sent directly to the browser without interpolation. What you need is to create a route to an action where you return the proper interpolated script. –  tadman Nov 2 '10 at 17:34
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