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For some reason I seem unable to use JSON.stringify on a DOMWindow object. For example:

console.log(window.self); // Outputs a hierarchical DOMWindow object
console.log(JSON.stringify(window.self)); // Outputs nothing - not even an error

alert(window.self); // Alerts "[object DOMWindow]"
alert(JSON.stringify(window.self)); // Again nothing - not even an error

Tested on Safari and Chrome. Does anyone have any ideas how I can achieve this?


Moved edit to a new question as it's not really specific to this.

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Why would you want to do serialize the DOM? If you must, Crescent's link is where you need to look. The reason you cannot serialize (stringify) the window object is because it contains circular references, and JSON.stringify does not support them by default.

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@dosboy pay attention to the "why would you want to do it". There's hardly any good reason to serialize the DOM. –  Cawas Apr 14 '11 at 19:13

You don't get an error? I get TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON. I would say, it cannot be done.

Also, window and window.self point to the same object (the Global object), so you don't need to use that property...

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In Chrome 8 dev, I get TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON (window generally contains a self-referential self, window, and top reference, if you're not in a frame), so directly using JSON.stringify will not work.

It sounds like you're using this for debug output. If you care only about some information, you could copy that information to an object, and then stringify it. Then encapsulate it in a function to grab all the information that you think you'll ever care about from window.

var data = JSON.stringify({
    'location': window.location
    // etc
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As others have said, stringify doesn't support circular references, which DOMWindow contains. Generally, circular references could be converted to JSON using Douglas Cockford's JSON cycle.js.

However, I just tried this on window, and it causes a stack overflow anyway. While that may be a bug in the cycle.js code, it seems like its more likely that window is just too big of an object.

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