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I would like to append a set of conditional where clauses onto the end of an ObjectSet. However, the clauses do not get executed and instead the original query is run, for example:

using (Entities context = new Entities()){
var q = context.AuditLogs;
q.Where(o => o.WebsiteId == 1);

The where clause is not executed and the full result set is returned I could instead use IQueryAble as in:

var q = context.AuditLogs.AsQueryable();
q = q.Where(o => o.WebsiteId == 1);

However this loses me the power of being able to use .Include to eager load my related entities.

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In your first example, you aren't setting q to the result of q.Where(o => o.WebsiteId == 1); –  XSaint32 Nov 2 '10 at 16:17
yes, you cant do that (well at least it doesn let me do that) as it cant implicitly convert from ObjectSet to Iqueryable –  januszstabik Nov 2 '10 at 16:33

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No, it won't. at any point before executing the query, you would still be able to cast it back to ObjectQuery<T> and invoke methods like Include on it:

var query = context.AuditLogs.AsQueryable();
query = query.Where(o => o.WebsiteId == 1);
var auditLog = ((ObjectQuery<AuditLog>)query).Include("yourNavPropertyName")

If your intention is to build up a criteria incrementally, then the other option would be to leverage EntitySQL with QueryBuilder methods:

var query = context.AuditLogs.Where("it.WebsiteId = 1");
query = query.Where("...");
var auditLog = query.Include("yourNavPropertyName")
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to avoid the cast at the end, can you do something like context.AuditLogs.Include("navProp").AsQueryable(); ? Or will that still execute the entire result set then filter it down client-side? –  JoeBrockhaus Oct 17 '12 at 20:41

Just some good old fashioned linq would suffice here. Assuming you had a property named SiteOwner you could accomplish what your trying to do with the below query

using (Entities context = new Entities()){
  var webSites = from sites in context.AuditLogs.Include("SiteOwner")
                 where sites.WebSiteId == 1
                 select sites;
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Sorry that wasn't what i was looking for, include only works when using ObjectSet whereas a I needed a combination of functionality between IQueryable and Object set as in Morteza's answer –  januszstabik Nov 3 '10 at 8:37

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