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I need a function which receives [NSDate date] and a string @"2010-11-12" and returns the amount of days between those two dates.

More explanation: I need to store a date from a server in the format @"2010-11-12" in my NSUserdefaults. The meaning of this date is the expireDate of a feature in an iPhone App. Every time I press on a button for this feature I need to check if the difference in days between the current time->[NSDate date] and @"2010-11-12" is greater than 0. That means that the feature is disabled.

It's making me crazy, maybe it's dead simple.

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I answered this here. –  Abizern Jan 2 '11 at 18:47
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Use an NSDateFormatter to convert the string to an NSDate - then compare the date objects.

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