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Is there a good wxpython GUI builder that does not require much coding, like in the case of the form builder in MS visual studio ?

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I recommend going at it by hand. It's really not hard at all. – Bryan Oakley Nov 2 '10 at 16:55
I agree with Bryan. I hand-code almost every wxPython program I write. – Mike Driscoll Nov 2 '10 at 20:18
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There is wxGlade. Here is a screenshot:

alt text

and wxFormBuilder

alt text

Also, have a look here for more alternatives: GUI Programming in Python

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I've tried a few, and the only one I seem to have any luck with is wxFormBuilder

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In addition to those, some people really like the XRCed application that's included with wxPython. Basically you create your GUI in XML. There's also the defunct Boa Constructor that I see people still using on the wxPython user's list.

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In a long ago day, I tried them all and found Anthemion DialogBlocks to be the most professional of the bunch. Along with that goes the fact that it is commercial software.

It's by Julian Smart, the creator of wxWidgets, so I suppose it's not too surprising that it's a quality product. At $90, it's a bit expensive but not outrageous.

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