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the xml looks like

<service name="product" />
<service name="sim" />
<service name="blub" />

the schema should look like

<xs:element name="root">
<xs:element type='serviceProduct' name='service' />
<xs:element type='serviceSim' name='service' />
<xs:element type='serviceBlub' name='service' />

Is it possible with JAXB Bindings to do that? I cannot change the xml but I would like t to have different java classes for product, sim, blub but its all the same xml element.

With class binding declerations it is possible to change the class name but how could I do this for the same element but with different attributes?

Thanks, Ralph

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Another solution would be here ...

but I would prefer a solution in the schema. It could work as described in the 'Bind Choice Example' which shows how to bind a choice model group to a Java Interface ...

The problem with this solution is that the @bindingStyle attribute is no longer allowed as of JAXB 2.0.

Any ideas?

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