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I'd like to change the build order of projects in my C# solution, without having to rely on project dependencies.

Reason: solution takes approx 1 min 30 secs build locally. This is a little much, especially if you're making lots of minor changes.

My approach to fixing this is to have a mapped share (my R:) pointing to "..\ReferencedAssemblies". Each projects outdir points to "..\ReferencedAssemblies" Any cross-project references are picked up from R:\assemblyName.dll, with Copylocal=false. This means that the dependent projects don't need to be rebuilt if the changes are only made to a single project.

I'm finding that this approach is saving a lot of local build time.

The final issue is changing the build order of the projects in the solution as a whole without relying on the dependencies. Any idea on how to do this?

Thanks in advance. Padda

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"1 min 30 secs build locally. This is a little much" --> if only! :) – Nader Shirazie Nov 2 '10 at 17:24
By not having inter project dependencies, I think you're not giving Visual Studio's build runner enough information about the build order -- and short of a custom build process, I'm not sure if you can do anything about it. If you have dependencies between projects, I strongly recommend doing project references rather than references to the output files. You still get the benefit of fast builds (minus the time it takes to analyse dependencies between builds). – Nader Shirazie Nov 2 '10 at 17:30
Hi Nader, 1 min 30 doesn't seem too bad, but it adds up to quite a bit over the course of a day, esp when doing lots of local builds. I'm not sure how VStudio 2008 decides upon the order when there's no project dependencies listed. Any help, always appreciated. – Jag Padda Nov 2 '10 at 17:51

The order in which each project in your solution is built is determined by the inter-project dependencies, and is done automatically (excluding external dependencies). If your solution is taking a long time to build for small changes, then it is proably becuase code that has't changed is being re-compiled unnecessarily. Try making your solution more modular and remove unrequired dependencies.

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