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I have to display yes/no button on some condition on my asp.net page , I used windows.confirm() to display that but windows.confirm displays Ok/Cancel Button , Is there any way I can display Yes/No Button in asp.net page instead of Ok/Cancel using Javascript ?

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If you want to keep it simple, just check some of the jQuery or YUI plugins, you can get that up and running with a couple of lines of code.

For example, this one uses jQuery and this one uses YUI.

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You cannot change the button text on a JavaScript alert, and while you can't change them on a VBScript message box, it has different text. How I got around this was to develop a custom div that contains buttons with the correct text on them that is displayed using absolute positioning and a shadow effect to give the appearance of a message box.

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not cross browser without creating an custom modal dialong or using one that is already built. if you can use ms ajax then it has a modal you can use.

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You can't do it using prompt, you can show a hidden div with html controls and javascript wired up to buttons. When you want to ask the question show the previously hidden div.

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Try this.

JS code: `if(confirm('Are you sure???')){ {



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