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Hey, i have an asp.net mvc2 web app and im using jquery to call controller actions so i can get filtered dropdownlists. I also have some text boxes that should auto populate to information that relates to selected items in the dropdownlist.

I know how to create events that control on change, but where im stuck with is what to have the return value of my controller action if its just a string, and how to set the value of an html.displaytext box to that returned value.

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you can simple set return type of your controller action as string and you can simple make a get call to fetch value from controller. below is basic code for same assuming

public string GetTextBoxValue(int selectedIdInDropDown){
       //fetch your text value 
       return myText;         

In javascript simply call this controller as below:

         {selectedIdInDropDown: $('#dropDownId').val()}, 

I hope this helps you, Thanks

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Your response type should be text/plain and your callback function should look like this:

function setDisplayText(text) {
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